What happened in Johnny Depp’s career after the defamation verdict

What happened in Johnny Depp's career after the defamation verdict

Following the verdict, Johnny Depp said the jury “gave me my life back”. (File)

Lone Angeles:

Could the verdict help the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star revive his flagging career, after he was widely supported by U.S. jury Johnny Depp in his defamation suit against Amber Hard?

A happy Depp said on Wednesday that the jury “gave me back my life” because he was paid more than $ 10 million in damages for defamation, compared to just $ 2 million for his ex-wife, who sued.

The focus of the high-profile trial was testimony from Hollywood agents, accountants and lawyers who were asked to assess whether the ex-couple had derailed each other’s careers.

The jury heard from Depp that he had lost $ 22.5 million payday for the sixth “Pirates” film because of claims of hard abuse.

But Hard’s legal team introduced witnesses who said the star of her ex-husband was already losing her luster due to “amateur behavior” that included alcohol and drug use.

“The damage has been done, and from this it could begin the process of returning to somewhat normal,” said a Hollywood producer who has worked with Depp in the past, but declined to be identified.

“But I don’t think he’ll get a job in a big, big, big studio where there’s a lot in line.

“If he throws bottles and takes drugs, and he’s late, they won’t tolerate that delay for someone who has to spend a lot of money on a bootloader who is no longer a bright star.”

Major Hollywood studios may find it difficult to get insurance for DAP-featured mega-budget productions, the producer added.

“It’s very risky to put such a person in a billion-dollar franchise right now,” they said.

Similarly, although the judge and social media opinions may flow in Depp’s direction during the trial, it does not guarantee that his box office appeal will return, especially among women.

Referring to the text messages introduced during the trial, the producer said, “The things he said were disgusting,” calling Depp Hard a “stupid cow” and talking about his “rotten corpse.”

‘Bad Boy’

Of course, while not directly comparable, the Hollywood Titans from Marlon Brando to Mel Gibson have enjoyed massive box office success since the earthquake controversy.

“I think there are studios that would be willing to work with him right now,” said Karen North, a professor at the University of Southern California who specializes in reputation management.

Despite a string of recent flops, “he was almost always very good for the box office,” he said, adding that Depp “was as much in the public eye as he is now because of the test.”

Although the withdrawal from the tempting account of the alcohol- and drug-fueled Bings may be problematic for a person with a more clean-cut image, Depp “never said he was a gentleman.”

“When someone is a bit of a bad guy … when they’re accused of doing something that involves being upset, people say, ‘Well, I’m not surprised – it doesn’t change who I think that person is.'”

“I think Johnny Depp will be back personally, it makes sense,” the reply said.

“It’s assumed she wants to, doesn’t she? She has a lot of choices.”

The days before Depp Roy spent playing rock concerts with guitarist Jeff Beck in England, his interest was probably wider than a silver-screen comeback.

‘French Movies’

And if he were to return to the big screen, he would not need to be dazzling in Hollywood.

“She could become an indie darling, where the shooting takes six to eight weeks, pays 250,000, and she gets 25 percent of the movie’s ownership, or something like that,” said Depp, a producer working with Depp.

“And he can be nominated for some great small roles where the stakes aren’t so high, and the budget is a few million dollars, and he blows people away with some crazy performances.”

And that failed?

“He will work in Europe. I mean, they don’t care about that kind of thing,” the producer said.

“He will make a French film. He will make a German film.”

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