“We are starting to crumble,” said the German minister for EU unity over Russia’s sanctions.

'Beginning to crumble': German Minister for EU Unity over Russia's sanctions

EU leaders will meet to discuss new sanctions against Russia.


German Economy Minister Robert Habek on Sunday expressed concern that European Union unity was “beginning to crumble” ahead of a summit to discuss oil sanctions against Russia and plans to reduce Russia’s dependence on energy.

EU leaders will meet on Monday and Tuesday to discuss a new sanctions package against Russia, which could include an oil embargo and a program aimed at ending dependence on fossil fuels, including Russian gas.

“After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we have seen what can happen if Europe unites. For tomorrow’s summit, let’s hope it continues like this. But it has already begun to crumble again,” Habek told a news conference. Said at the conference.

On Friday, European countries scrambled to reach an agreement on a ban on maritime supplies of Russian oil but allowed supplies through the pipeline, a compromise to win over Hungary and to lift new sanctions against Moscow.

Habek called on Germany to speak with one voice at the summit instead of abstaining from voting due to differences within the country’s ruling coalition. He called for similar unity from other EU states.

“Europe is still a huge economic region with incredible economic power. And when it comes together, it can use that power,” Habek said at the opening of the trade fair at the German Hanover Mess.

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