“Vladimir Putin does not like critics, he has almost Messianic beliefs in himself”:

'Vladimir Putin doesn't like critics, he has almost Messianic beliefs': Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton shared her brief experience of working with Mr. Putin from 2009 to 2013. (AFP file photo)

Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has a “belief in Christ.” He was speaking to an audience at a hay festival of literature and art, according to Guardian.

He added that Mr Putin did not like critics, especially if they were women, the publication added.

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Speaking to Helena Kennedy, a civil liberties advocate, Mrs. Clinton shared her brief experience of working with Mr. Putin from 2009 to 2013, when she was Russia’s prime minister.

The 2016 US presidential candidate says his relationship with Mr Putin deteriorated when he returned as Russia’s president.

“Putin does not like critics, especially women critics. Putin then became very hostile to me, with few exceptions. We know that, despite trying to say the opposite, he worked hard to get Trump elected by all means,” she was quoted as saying. Has been said Guardian.

Mrs Clinton said she had seen Putin’s “almost Messianic beliefs about himself and what he wanted to be” and his “goal of restoring imperial Russia” while working with him.

“When he invaded Ukraine, I was not sadly surprised. I was pleasantly surprised at how effective Zelensky and the Ukrainian government were in defending themselves,” he added.

Ukraine war enters its 100th day today as Russian forces push deeper into the eastern Donbass region after being driven out of the cities of Kyiv and Kharkiv.

UN Assistant Secretary-General Amin Awad said in a statement: “There is no winner in this war and there never will be. On the contrary, we have seen for 100 days what has been lost: life, home, job and prospects,” said UN Assistant Secretary-General Amin Awad in a statement.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told lawmakers in Luxembourg that Russia now owns about 20 percent of Ukraine’s territory.

Thousands have been killed and millions forced to flee since the Russian invasion on February 24. According to Mr Zelensky, on the battlefield, 100 Ukrainian soldiers die every day.

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