Vietnam’s Bach Long is recognized by Guinness as the longest glass bridge in the world

Vietnam's Bach Long is recognized by Guinness as the longest glass bridge in the world

The Bach Long Bridge opens to tourists in April. (AFP file photo)

A glass floor bridge in Vietnam, which opened to tourists in April, has entered the Guinness World Records (GWR) as the longest bridge in the world. GWR officials confirmed to Bach Long Bridge over the weekend, CNN This information has been given quoting the report of the local media.

The 2,073-foot-long bridge is a joint venture between the local tourism authority and a French construction company. It hangs about 492 feet above the ground.

The suspension bridge is in the province of San La, northwest of the capital Hanoi, and borders Laos.

“I didn’t dare look down because I was scared to look at the heights,” a viewer named V Thi Thu told Reuters news agency.

“At first it scares you, but then if you go over 10 glass panels that feeling goes away,” said Tran Juan Tinh, 72.

There are three layers of reinforced glass used for the bridge, each 40 millimeters thick, according to a statement from the owner of the mountain resort where the bridge is located.

The Bach Long Bridge is said to be strong enough to support 450 people at once. An SUV was driven over the bridge last month to test its power.

Glenn Pollard, a Guinness World Record correspondent, said on Saturday, “It took a lot of engineering to build it on a hillside to maintain all the natural features, the greenery, the rocks. It’s an amazing project.” Reuters.

The bridge broke the record of the 526-meter long structure in Guangdong, China in 2020.

Bach Long is the third glass bridge in Vietnam. In 2018, a pair of giant stone hand-held mountain bridges opened in the Vietnam or not mountain areas.

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