US man throws coffee, punches old man, forcing him to wait at gas station

Camera caught: US man sipping coffee, punching an elderly man who forced him to wait at a gas station

The suspect was identified as 39-year-old Shawn Ruel.

A man has been arrested in Florida in the United States and charged with assault after arguing with a 76-year-old man at a shale gas station. The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office released a security camera footage of the attack. In the caption to the clip, police say the “impatient” man was waiting in line when he threw his coffee cup at the old man in front of him and left.

Such as NewsweekThe suspect has been identified as 39-year-old Shawn Ruel. CCTV surveillance footage showed the victim at checkout, with the suspect standing in line behind him. Moments later, the suspect is seen apparently losing his temper as he waits, after which he throws his coffee cup at the victim and leaves the gas station.

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The video then shows Victim following Mr. Ruel to confront him outside the store. The old man could barely handle a word before the 39-year-old approached him and punched him in the jaw. The wounded man sent the old man to fly and left him lying on the ground.

Just before the end of the clip, other people are seen coming to the aid of the old man. A woman was also seen following Mr. Ruell out of the gas station.

Newsweek It is reported that a day after the incident, Mr. Ruel was arrested and charged with battery life of a 65-year-old man. Sheriff Rick Staley said Mr Ruell hit a senior citizen because he could not control his anger and was lucky he did not take it seriously. To injure him. “We will not tolerate such behavior,” Mr Staley added.

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Further, police further said that there is previous evidence, including three incidents of driving under the influence of Shaun Ruel in California.

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