Twitter lost three more senior employees before the mask takeover

Twitter lost 3 more senior employees before Elon Musk's takeover

Elon Musk Twitter deal: Elon Musk has taken over Twitter in a $ 44 billion cash deal.

Twitter Inc. Losing three more senior employees, including two vice presidents, is a reflection of the uncertainty within the social media company as employees wait for Elon Musk’s $ 44 billion acquisition to close.

Elijah Brown, a VP of product management; Katrina Lane, VP of Twitter Services; And according to an internal memo to Bloomberg, the head of data science, Max Smyzer, is leaving the company. According to the memo, all three have decided to leave on their own.

A Twitter spokesman confirmed the executives had left.

Less than a week ago, Twitter shook its product line, including the firing of two top product executives from CEO Parag Agarwal. Twitter also implemented budget cuts and recruitment freezes last week, and when the company said it was not planning layoffs, Agarwal told employees in an email, “Leaders will continue to change their organization to improve skills if necessary.”

Waiting for the San Francisco-based company Tesla Inc.’s billionaire CEO Mask, Twitter employees are in a state of turmoil to finalize his deal on $ 54.20 shares to privatize the social network. In an all-hands meeting last month, Twitter executives faced questions about stock compensation and job security. During a presentation, the leadership tried to motivate the staff by reminding them why they should be bothered to show up for work.

Complicated issues are Mask’s provocative tweets and public comments. He criticized Twitter officials and now says the company could mislead the public about how many bots and spam accounts have been included in Twitter’s calculations for total users.

Musk said the deal was “on hold” until further notice. Twitter says it is committed to completing the sale. The stock, which had declined for seven consecutive trading days, rose 2.9% to $ 38.47 in New York last afternoon. It is still well below the offer price, indicating investors’ skepticism that the deal will work.

A Twitter spokesman said of the departed workers: “We are grateful for all their hard work and leadership,” according to an emailed statement. “We’re focused on giving people the best experience on Twitter.”

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