The viral video of Johnny Depp embracing the lawyer after the debate ended has left the internet

The video of Johnny Depp embracing the lawyer after closing the argument left the internet 'speechless'

Ben Chiu gave an emotional concluding argument on Friday.

Johnny Depp shared a heartfelt hug with his lawyer Ben Chew after giving an emotional closing argument in a $ 50 million defamation suit against Hollywood actor’s ex-wife Amber Hard on Friday.

On Twitter, Internet users are sharing snippets of Mr. Depp and Mr. Chew a hug when the lawyer returns to his side seat after presenting the closing argument.

In the clip, Mr Chew’s voice is seen trembling when he says, “It’s about restoring his lost reputation. It’s about showing Mr. Depp’s children, Lily-Rose and Jack, the truth that it’s worth fighting for. “

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After finishing, Mr. Chiu returned to his side seat Caribbean pirates The actor and hugged her, garnering warm reactions from people on social media. Internet users have shared photos and videos of Mr. Chew and Mr. Depp’s hug and Says“I was speechless … Ben’s words tore me apart … and this hug tore my heart apart.” “One of the most sensitive issues in this trial, and many more, was Ben Chiu’s emotional outburst and his struggle not to be torn during his closing remarks. What a great lawyer and compassionate man, ”he wrote Other.

Several users praised Mr. Chiu and co-counsel Camille Vasquez. A user Wrote“Can I take a moment to congratulate Johnny Depp’s lawyers on this amazing work?” Nothing but classes with credible witnesses. “

On Friday, lawyers for both parties gave their concluding arguments after a six-week flurry of mutual allegations of domestic violence between the couple. Both sides have claimed the loss of their careers.

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Amber Hard’s legal team has presented an entertainment industry expert who estimated that the actress lost চলচ্চিত্র 45-50 million for lost movie and TV roles and approvals. Mr Depp’s side, on the other hand, said the actor had lost millions due to allegations of abuse, including a possible দিন 22.5 million payday for the sixth installment. Caribbean pirates.

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