The United States has blacklisted 71 Russian companies for fighting in Ukraine

The United States has blacklisted 71 Russian companies for fighting in Ukraine

The United States has blacklisted a total of 322 individuals for supporting Russia’s military since the invasion.


The United States on Thursday blacklisted 71 Russian and Belarusian companies, including several aircraft and shipbuilding and research institutes, in its latest attempt to deprive the Russian military of US technology and other items.

Export sanctions are among the new sanctions imposed by Washington on Thursday in response to Russia’s war in Ukraine, including sanctions on additional Russian oligarchs and the country’s elite members.

These include 70 Russian companies and other entities, such as various units of the Russian Academy of Sciences, including the AA Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems and the VA Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences, and a Belarusian entity.

According to several research reports, the added companies include several aircraft plants and Voronezh Joint Stock Aircraft Company, one of the largest Russian factories for passenger and cargo aircraft.

Also added is the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, which has built about 7,000 aircraft of more than 20 types since 1934 and the MC-21 aircraft family.

The Total Commerce Department has added 322 entities to its economic blacklist for Russia’s military support since February.

“The United States and our international partners have imposed strong, comprehensive restrictions on Russia’s ability to obtain the necessary items and technologies to sustain its military aggression,” said Alan Estevez, Under-Secretary of State for Trade in Industry and Security.

Of the 71, 66 were scheduled to be military end users. Also added are the Illusion Aviation Complex branch, the St. Petersburg Shipbuilding Institution, and the Special Research Bureau for the Automation of Marine Research, the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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