The UK woman kept the unborn child in the fridge after the hospital refused

The UK woman kept the unborn child in the fridge after the hospital refused

The couple dialed 999 but the hospital said it was not urgent.

A woman in London had an abortion and had to keep her dead baby in her home fridge after being discharged from hospital. Laura Brady said she and her partner Lawrence White had to be delivered home after being sent home from University Hospital in Louisham for lack of beds.

The hospital has now started investigating the incident. The woman and her husband claimed that the hospital staff had given reasons for their inability to save the dead child.

“I took a Tupperware box containing my baby’s remains from the hospital, in a taxi, emptied some space in our fridge and left the box there,” said Mr White. BBC.

The couple dialed 999 but were told it was not urgent BBC Report

I’m talking GuardianMrs Brody said she had already had an abortion before, and had been told by hospital staff that there was no chance of her having a baby at home without medical supervision.

But Mrs. Brody, four months into her pregnancy, gave birth in the toilet at home.

When they arrived at the hospital, the couple was told to wait in a warm, crowded waiting room with about 20 or 30 people.

“No one wants their baby’s body to be left in a Tupperware box. It was simply pushed aside, and completely ignored by the staff, and it was treated like rubbish, “said Mrs. Brody. Guardian.

“They said we did not have the documents to take the body. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

The 39-year-old says she decided to talk about her experience after watching a documentary on abortion worldwide. “I wanted people to know that these experiences were happening in London, in 2022 – not just in the most remote parts of the world,” said Mrs. Brody.

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