The husband of a British diplomat jokes in New Zealand’s “Crapiest Fountain”

The husband of a British diplomat jokes in New Zealand's 'Capiest Fountain'

The British High Commissioner in New Zealand has distanced herself from her husband’s remarks.

The husband of a British ambassador to New Zealand recently mocked the country’s favorite Wellington bucket fountain, a well-known and polarizing water feature located in the center of the country’s capital.

Toby Fisher, husband of British High Commissioner to New Zealand Laura Clark, called the installation “the worst waterfall ever” on Twitter.

Following his social media post, his wife, Mrs. Clark, distanced herself from his comments. She was quick to point out that her husband’s views did not in any way represent his views or those of the British government. “The bucket fountain is a well-loved part of Wellington’s heritage,” he added

The fountain was installed in October 1969 and was originally called “Water Mobile”. It throws an irregular stream of water with its bucket, spills and spreads a large portion of the water outside the fountain and on windy days on pedestrians and spectators.

Mr Fisher’s remarks have been met with mostly good-natured jabs, including several members of parliament. “You’re brave Toby now!” Comments Judith Collins, a Member of Parliament and former Leader of the Opposition, said, “Fight me.” The answer Climate change minister James Shaw.

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The fountain also has a strict guard. “I went for a walk on Tuesday. I grew up playing around that fountain. Your inner child no longer wants an easy time.” Says A Twitter user.

Others, on the other hand, agree with Mr. Fisher and Says“I don’t even know why that weird thing is mentioned in the travel guides. I was very disappointed when I first saw it. It’s just ugly and often gets a little wet when you try to maintain social distance by your side. Cuba Street Other people. “

After his tweet raised locals’ hackles, Mr Fisher apologized for calling the fountain “the worst ever.” In the next tweet he Wrote“I am aware that this tweet has caused significant panic in the Wellington community. I apologize. I made a mistake. It was a self-correcting error. I wanted to say ‘the best’.”

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Meanwhile, Mr Fisher’s remarks are the latest in a long history of controversy surrounding the Balti fountain. According to Independent, Actor Eliza Wood urinates in a fountain while shooting for ‘Lord of the Rings’ in New Zealand. Several people have also spoken of its “mere ugliness” and complained about its depressing engineering.

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