The ex-wife of the Qatari prince has been found dead at home in a battle with him

The ex-wife of the Qatari prince has been found dead at home in a battle with him

Cassia Gallani was born in Los Angeles to Polish parents.

The ex-wife of a Qatari prince has been found dead at the Spanish resort of Marble. Independent Reported Wednesday. Cassia Gallani, the third wife of billionaire Abdelaziz bin Khalifa al-Thani, is also fighting a bitter legal battle with her ex-husband for custody of her three daughters.

Independent Her report said Mrs Gallani also died Sunday after a suspected drug overdose. He was involved in a bitter legal battle for 15 years over the custody of their children.

Mrs Gallani left her husband, the uncle of the Emir of Qatar, after her husband allegedly sexually assaulted one of her three daughters. Daily Beast Report

When he lived in Marbella, the three children lived with their father, who lived in Paris. Al-Thani has always denied the allegations.

Mrs. Galanio, 45, who was born in Los Angeles, married Al-Thani, 73, in 2004. Al-Thani moved to Paris in 1992 after being ousted from the royal family for allegedly ousting the emir.

According to the French media, Mrs. Gallani was battling depression and drug and alcohol addiction while living alone in Spain. He recently spent several months in hospital, with French publications reporting that he was suffering from a nervous breakdown.

An autopsy will be performed on Tuesday, Beast said in its report.

After receiving complaints from her children, police visited her mansion and said she had not responded to their phone calls for several days.

Police have launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.

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