The driver accidentally pushed the car into the convenience store, injuring two employees

Camera Caught: Driver Accidentally Crashs Car Into US Store, Injures Two Employees

The driver does not have to face any criminal charges for the accident.

Slight injuries were reported Thursday after a car crashed into a retail store in Tempe, USA. Nail-biting footage of the incident, uploaded by police in Tempe, shows two men chatting inside a shopping mart when suddenly a white sedan plows through the front of a shop and hits victims before breaking through the shopping isle. The video ends with the car stopping and then overturning at the store entrance.

Watch the awesome surveillance clip below:

According to 12 NewsThe two men were hit by a car about 25 feet inside the shop. Both were taken to hospital with minor injuries. Tempe police said the driver accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake paddle.

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“It was very fast,” described an anonymous sales representative who was hit by a car. “The wall came to us,” he added. Individually, speaking ABC15The sales associate added that “it felt like an earthquake.”

The sales representative said he was recovering from a cut on his head, arm and leg and had five stitches in his hand. The employee is still in the hospital but is expected to be OK. The driver, on the other hand, will not face any criminal charges for the accident, however, they were arrested for an unrelated warrant.

Sales representatives, for once, thank everyone for surviving.

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I’m talking 12 News, Shop owner Buck Park said he expects the store to be closed for about a week for repairs. He said he hopes to open the store soon but the accident has created a domino effect that has damaged some inventory and scattered thousands of items.

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