The car went through the traffic at high-speed, crashing into the vehicle

See: The car sped through the traffic at high speed, crashing into the vehicle

By the time the driver applied the brakes, it was too late.

Road safety is very important while driving and various police agencies post on social media about the need to follow speed limits, lane discipline and other issues. But some people are always in a hurry and their ignorance proves costly for others on the road.

It’s like a video of a speeding car turning through traffic and crashing into another vehicle

The crash happened on New York’s Grand Central Parkway and the footage was captured by a dashcam installed in a car running on the same road. This was posted online by ViralHog.

As the video begins, it shows the normal flow of traffic on the streets of New York. Dashcams are installed on both the front and rear windows of the vehicle containing the footage.

Suddenly, a car is seen speeding past the vehicle where the footage was recorded and passes right in front of it. By then it seems to be too late for the driver to apply the brakes. The driver pushes the other two cars in front while trying to navigate through them and takes a 180 degree turn.

Traffic was stopped after the accident. The zoomed video shows the speeding car and another car being badly damaged.

Another such horrific video gained traction on social media on Wednesday showing a pick-up van filling up with people walking at a crossroads in Telangana. In doing so, its loading bay is closed and all passengers are dropped off on the road. None of the passengers appeared to be seriously injured as they quickly got to their feet.

Video of the incident was shared by VC Sajjana, Managing Director, Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC).

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