Swedish bank CEO shares 600 cut staff contacts on LinkedIn, sparks controversy

Swedish bank CEO shares 600 cut staff contacts on LinkedIn, sparks controversy

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Sebastian Simiatkowski, chief executive officer of Klarna Bank AB, drew mixed reactions to the release of a list of former employees that the company recently concluded as part of a cost-cutting campaign.

Sebastian Simiatkowski posted the list on LinkedIn and said he had “mixed feelings” about the document. He said the document reflected the skills of the departing staff and that it was a very difficult decision that deeply saddened him.

“I hope everyone out there understands that this document is a gold mine. Some employers should probably ignore LinkedIn or other sourcing channels for a few days and put all their energy into this list. I’m sure these people won’t be found for long.” Swedish company chief executive said.

This list containing the details of about 600 employees was created by an employee in the company. A spokesman for Klarner said everyone on the list had volunteered to sign up.

The 40-year-old CEO’s post paints a wide spectrum of responses, ranging from anger over deaf content to praise for attracting employers’ attention. Finansforbundet, the largest trade union in Sweden’s financial industry, told Bloomberg that they had asked Clarna to discuss posting the list.

A comment in the post reads, “It’s so ton-deaf I can’t believe it. I left Clarna a month after joining. I made the best decision. Clarna is part of the most chaotic place, and I immediately knew it was like a big cut.” It’s just a matter of time. “

Another user wrote, “I don’t think it’s smart to publish thousands of email addresses in a public document. I recommend making the list available to employers who request it and not the entire Internet (sic). “

One of them called the list “gold mines for employers” He writes, “However, this list is a gold mine for employers, it is a gold mine for bad actors who need jobs and those who target them. It can be extra credible.”

Employees’ unions said the layoffs had not been consulted and the company should have informed them at an early stage.

A spokesman for Clarner said the company had “notified the dismissal, and therefore is not obliged to notify the unions, but expects to reach an agreement with the workers concerned.”

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