Sweden announces িয়ন 100 million aid to Ukraine

Sweden announces িয়ন 100 million aid to Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has devastated its economy.


Sweden on Thursday announced an additional 1 billion kroner ($ 102 million, 95 million euros) in aid to Ukraine, including financial aid and military equipment, including anti-ship missiles and anti-tank launchers.

“We are now seeing a new phase in the Russian offensive, where (Russia) is gathering strength in eastern and southeastern Ukraine, and the Ukrainian side has requested assistance in various fields,” Defense Minister Peter Haltkvist told reporters at a joint news conference with Finance. Minister Mikel Dumburg.

Dumberberg said the Scandinavian country would contribute 578 million kroner to Ukraine’s central bank fund for its armed forces, 60 million kroner to NATO funds to help Ukraine’s armed forces and 262 million kroner worth of military equipment.

In addition, Sweden will contribute 100 million kroner to the civilian effort through the Swedish Civil Contingency Agency.

Military equipment includes the Swedish anti-ship missile system Robot 17, a modified version of the US Hellfire missile system, as well as 5,000 anti-tank launchers and AG 90 assault rifles and ammunition.

“This is a qualified tool consistent with what Ukraine has requested,” said Haltkvist.

In late February, Sweden, for the first time since 1939, broke its arms embargo on countries of active conflict, announcing military supplies worth 400 million kroner and a grant of 500 million kroner to its armed forces in the Ukrainian central bank.

Sweden, along with neighboring Finland, rejected decades of military non-alignment by submitting a historic joint application to join NATO in May, as support for both countries’ membership grew after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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