Spread of monkeypox through “possible sexually transmitted”: 5 points

Spreading MonkeyPix via 'Possible Sexual Transmission': 5 points

Monkeypox often begins with flu-like symptoms (file)

New Delhi:
Health authorities in North America and Europe have identified dozens of suspected or confirmed cases of monkeypox since the beginning of May, possibly spreading through sexually transmitted infections.

  1. Canada said today that Spain and Portugal are investigating more than a dozen suspected monkeypox cases after identifying more than 40 possible and verified cases. Britain has confirmed nine cases since May 6, with the United States confirming the first one yesterday.

  2. According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), many of the reported cases are “happening within the sex network.” The UK Health Security Agency further highlights that recent cases are mainly among men who identify themselves as gay, bisexual or have sex with men.

  3. The World Health Organization (WHO) said earlier this week that it was coordinating with UK and European health officials on the new outbreak and was also investigating reports that in many cases identified themselves as homosexual and bisexual. “We are seeing an increase in the number of sexually transmitted infections among men,” said Dr. Sauce Fall, WHO’s assistant director general.

  4. The disease, from which most people recover within a few weeks and is only rarely fatal, has infected thousands of people in parts of Central and West Africa in recent years, but is rare in Europe and North Africa.

  5. Monkeypox often begins with flu-like symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, and swollen lymph nodes before a chickenpox-like rash appears on the face and body.

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