Russian TV presenter says Moscow should attack UK and take Stonehenge

Russian TV presenter says Moscow should attack UK and take Stonehenge

Vladimir Soloviv is known as “Putin’s voice”.

In the midst of the ongoing war in Ukraine, Russian television personality Vladimir Soloviv recently advised Russia to attack the United Kingdom later, wanting to see Moscow take over Stonehenge.

According to FreedomMr Sloviv, who has close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin and is known as “Putin’s voice”, said Russia could invade Britain and target British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss. Speaking on his Russia-1 program, Evening with Vladimir SlovivAnchorman claimed that the Russian invasion could extend as far as Stonehenge, a historic landmark in England located on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire.

When Vasil Vakarov, a Ukrainian political analyst, asked how far Russia was willing to go before it stopped, Mr Solov replied: “Well, when we have to, we will.”

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“Where do we stop? Well, as I said today, maybe Stonehenge. Liz Truss says he’s the one fighting the war,” said Mr. Sloviv. Independent. In addition, Mr Sloviv has reportedly demanded that the Kremlin leader attack the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has clashed with Russian media over her reluctance to compromise with Mr Putin. Last month, Ms Truss even told G7 and NATO leaders at a meeting in Germany that the Kremlin leader was “insulting himself on the world stage”. “We must ensure that he faces a defeat in Ukraine that denies him any advantage and ultimately prevents further aggression,” he said. Newsweek.

This is not the first time that Russian state television has threatened Britain or Europe in general. In April, Mr Sloviv threatened the United Kingdom with the possibility of nuclear destruction by Sarmat – a Russian ballistic missile. Such as NewsweekHe said on his show, “One Sarmat means minus one Great Britain because they have become absolutely barbaric.”

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Separately, former Russian MP Yuri Shavitkin also claimed that Moscow could destroy the entire United Kingdom “in two minutes” with nuclear weapons.

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