Russian forces formerly control half of Severodonetsk: Ukraine

Russian forces formerly control half of Severodonetsk: Ukraine

Lugansk’s regional governor described the situation in Severodonetsk as “extremely complex.”


Russian forces control half of the eastern Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk, a Ukrainian military official said Tuesday, adding that Moscow’s forces were relentlessly pushing deep into the Donbass region.

“Unfortunately, the front line has divided the city in half. But the city is still defending itself, the city is still Ukrainian, our troops are defending it,” Alexander Strike, head of the city’s military and civilian administration, said live. Broadcast

After failing to capture the Ukrainian capital Kyiv in the early stages of the war, Russia shifted its focus to the eastern Donbass region and sought to consolidate its territories.

Sergei Gade, Lugansk’s regional governor, had earlier described the situation in Severodonetsk as “extremely complex”, with parts of the city controlled by Russian forces.

He said Ukrainian forces were still occupying some areas within the industrial city of eastern Ukraine and were making it impossible for Moscow’s troops to “move freely through the city”.

“The enemy is planning an operation to clear the surrounding villages,” Gade added.

Severodonetsk, with a pre-war population of about 100,000, is one of several important urban centers located on the way to Russia to occupy the entire Lugansk region and the de facto administrative center of eastern Ukraine, Kramatorsk.

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