Russia hosts ‘Alina Festival’ in honor of “Putin’s girlfriend”: report

Russia hosts 'Alina Festival' in honor of 'Putin's girlfriend': report

Vladimir Putin has never acknowledged his relationship with Alina Kabayeva. (AFP file photo)

Russia is holding a gymnastics festival, which many publications say is in honor of Alina Kabayeva, who is believed to be President Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend. The festival is being held in the wake of Mr Putin’s global criticism of the invasion of Ukraine.

According to a report in the Alina Festival, it was run by an Olympic champion. New York Post. The festival was held last month but premiered on the pro-Kremlin television channel Russia-1 on Wednesday to mark the International Day for the Protection of Children, it added.

Event video, Online circulationHundreds of children and gymnasts are performing on stage, with Soviet Union patriotic songs playing in the background.

The Post Their report states that a military choir sang World War II-era songs at the festival.

According to a Newsweek Reportedly, Kabaeva also appeared in the video against a background of black and orange striped Z, the letter that has become a symbol of support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He is seen praising Russia’s military and linking Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War II to the current situation in Ukraine. Newsweek Says

Mr Putin, 69, has never admitted to a relationship with Mrs Kabayeva, but US officials believe the 38-year-old is the mother of at least three children.

Known as “Russia’s most flexible woman”, Kabayeva has spent six years as a member of parliament representing Mr Putin’s United Russia party.

She has been the chairperson of the National Media Group, a major pro-Kremlin media group, for more than seven years. According to the Daily Mail, he is receiving a salary of around মিল 8 million a year.

Kabayeva was last seen in public at another event in the same courtyard in December. According to a petition filed on, Mrs. Kabayeva was placed with her children in a luxury villa in Switzerland.

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