Reality star Stephanie Matto has now been admitted to hospital for a jar of Fertis worth Rs 4 lakh

The reality star, who was hospitalized for a jar of Fertis, now sells for Rs 4 lakh a day ...

Stephanie Mato first appeared on the reality show ’90 Day Fiancee ‘in 2020.

New Delhi:

Die-hard fans often spend a fortune to get souvenirs of their favorite celebrities. Some buy autographed pieces, others go for used items. But did you think a bottle of a celebrity’s breast sweat would sell for 500 500 a bottle? YouTuber and reality TV star Stephanie Matto is proving that selling mammalian sweat (also known as breast sweat) is an effective way to earn money.

Mato, who first appeared on the reality show ’90 Day Fianc ‘in 2020, is earning up to Rs 4 lakh ($ 5,000) a day by selling a bottle of her breast sweat. She sells products on her website.

The Connecticut, U.S. reality star says he was able to fill up to 10 bottles when the weather was hot enough. He sells each bottle for 500.

Matto said that when the weather is warm enough, she is able to fill her breasts with up to 10 bottles a day and sell them for 500 500 per bottle.

The 31-year-old describes the process in a TikTok video. One of his videos was captioned “All you need is a bottle, sunshine, tea and sitting like a maple tree for hours!”

“I want to call myself a human maple tree [breast] My juice sweats – I sit there and collect my juice the way a maple tree does, “Stephanie Matto told Leddibble.

Explaining the details of her new business venture, Matto said that her breast sweat will help bring her fans to those who can smell or lick liquids.

This is not the first time that a 90-day fianc has made headlines for his bizarre way of earning money. Last year, Matto was bottling his fat and selling up to $ 1000 per jar. Fearing health, he had to give up his lucrative side business.

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