Pokemon Sideak is a KFC children’s food character

Symbol of China's Lockdown Headache: A KFC Baby Food Character

Kovid in China: China has reported hundreds of infections in recent weeks.


A headache-prone Pokemon character featuring KFC baby food has become China’s favorite toy, selling for up to $ 200 as people look for ways to express their frustration with the COVID-19 lockdown.

KFC began handing out Sydac in China on May 21, ahead of the Children’s Day campaign on June 1, and the toy has become a hotbed of angry social media users due to weeks of lockdowns.

One video, featuring a character known as Kodak in Japan, holds a sign saying “I don’t want to take covid testing” on one wing and “I want to go out for fun” on the other, which has been run more than 13,000 times on video platform Billiards.

On another social media platform, Xiaohanshu, a clipping of the image holding a sticker with “Health Code” and “Travel History Code” has been liked by around 10,000 viewers.

Developed by Nintendo 25 years ago, the KFC stock of food containing Sideak, whose mental capacity has become stronger as its headaches worsen, expires within two days of its May 21 launch. Soon after, the models appeared on second-hand sites. Some are priced at 1,300 yuan ($ 195.52), local media reported.

Asked for comment, KFC, whose guardian is Yam China, said in a statement issued last week that it did not support a resale at inflated prices.

The lockdown, which began in March, included public statistics, as well as other stressful issues, including the use of sidekicks to express their frustration.

Last Thursday, He Xiaopeng, founder of China’s XPeng Motors, posted a video of the character posting a message on Weibo saying “urgently looking for semiconductor chips”, pointing to a global chip shortage.

Other social media users used Sidekick to post jokes or messages to their friends.

Jun Peng, a technology worker in Shanghai, said he was among those eager to get his own sidekick to represent his feelings.

“I have been a prisoner in my place for two months,” he said. “I’m so stressed that I feel like a duck. But ducks can talk too.”

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