Parking attendant takes Doctor Lamborghini for 5-hour joyride: report

Parking attendant takes Doctor Lamborghini for 5-hour joyride: report

A parking attendant with a Manhattan doctor for a 5 hour hike with Lamborghini

New York:

A parking attendant took Lamborghini to a doctor in Manhattan, who was once described as a “sexy doctor alive,” for a five-hour-long jayride after the doctor parked his garage in his building at night.

The incident came to light when the car of physician Mikhail Vershavsky, best known as Dr. Mike, went missing from the garage on May 6 after he parked his car worth USD 320,000 in his Hudson Yards building and drove home at night.

The doctor’s security guards informed him that “a garage employee took his car around 1 a.m. without a doctor’s permission in the extreme deviation of his duty,” the New York Post reported.

Police said security personnel reviewed CCTV and found the attendant black, 2021, away from the garage in Lambo. The attendant came under the scanner after people living in the building went to pick up their car and found him missing.

“The reason they caught him was that other people came to get their car and no one was there,” the source said. “So security had to go through the footage to find out where he had gone and then they waited for him to return a few hours later,” the New York Post quoted him as saying.

The servant returned the car at around 8 in the morning. After checking the license plate, the New York Police Department found that Lambo had traveled all over New York City.

Security threatened the doctor a few hours later, who declined to comment.

A NYPD spokesman said police had not made any arrests in the case.

Dr. Mike, who was once designated a ‘Sexist Man Alive’, works in family medicine at Atlantic Health System’s Overlook Medical Center. He competed in the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” in 2016 and once rescued a passenger on a commercial flight, the New York Post reported.

He won a charity amateur boxing match at the Tamper Yewingling Center, collecting over USD 100,000 for Ukraine.

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