On the 100th day of the Ukraine war, Russia says “some results” have been achieved

Achieved 'confirmed results': Russia says Ukraine is on the 100th day of the war

Russia says many settlements have been liberated from Ukrainian forces.


The Kremlin said Friday that Russia had achieved some results from its military operation in Ukraine, 100 days after Moscow sent troops to its western neighbor.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that “some results have been obtained in the first 100 days when asked about what Russia is calling a ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine.”

Russia says it has sent troops to Ukraine to protect residents of two pro-Moscow regions, Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic, from Kiev’s military.

“In terms of ensuring their safety, action is being taken and some results have been achieved,” Peskov said.

“Many settlements have been liberated from Ukraine’s Nazi armed forces and directly from nationalist elements,” he said.

Russia has repeatedly described the Ukrainian authorities as neo-Nazis and nationalists – with labels in Kyiv saying the conflict was being used as propaganda to justify it.

“People have been given the opportunity to start a peaceful life,” Peskov said. “This work will continue until all the goals of the military operation have been achieved.”

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