North Korea calls covid vaccine “immortal medicine of love” from Kim Jong Un:

North Korea calls Covid vaccine 'immortal medicine of love' from Kim Jong Un: report

North Korea has not confirmed the total number of positive tests for Kovid. (File)

As North Korea finally launches its COVID-19 vaccination program, the country’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un has announced that coronavirus jabs are an “immortal medicine of love” gifted by him. According to Daily StarThe North Korean leader has made bizarre claims through loudspeakers playing through vehicles at the vaccination site.

In response to its recent Kovid outbreak, North Korean vaccines have begun to roll out. However, so far, the Covid Jabs are reserved only for soldiers working on national construction projects.

Daily Star Reported that broadcast vehicles would play loudspeaker messages on vaccination sites, highlighting how vaccines were Kim Jong Un’s “favorable gift.” Soldiers were given vaccine injections from China, as well as loud political “propaganda messages.”

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They called it a “love vaccine from the highest status”, the media outlet reported. Another broadcast vehicle on the Tikadan site also proclaimed the greatness of the general editor, who prepared the “immortal medicine of love” for them.

North Korea has not confirmed a single case of COVID-19 until last month. The country officially acknowledged the outbreak of the Omicron sub-variant earlier this month, prompting authorities to clamp down on the state of emergency across the country.

Moreover, Reuters The secretive country has also lifted travel bans in the capital, Pyongyang. North Korea reported another 100,710 people with fever, up from about 390,000 two weeks ago. An additional death was reported on Sunday, bringing the death toll to 70.

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The country has not confirmed the total number of positive tests for the virus. Experts say the announced figures are under-reported and it is difficult to assess the actual scale of the situation.

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