NATO minister abducted in Ukraine

Russian lawmaker's 'fantastic plot': NATO minister abducted in Ukraine

Oleg Morozov suggested abducting a NATO defense minister while on the “60 Minutes” talk show.


A senior Russian lawmaker has suggested abducting a NATO defense minister in Ukraine and bringing him to Moscow to question what “orders” the West is giving Kiev.

Oleg Morozov, first elected to the Russian parliament in 1993 and a member of the influential United Russia party, said Western arms supplies to Ukraine posed a direct threat to Russia and that Moscow might have to reconsider its military objectives.

“You know, maybe this is a fantastic plot I’ve made … that in the near future, at some point, a NATO war minister will travel by train to Kyiv (Ukrainian President Volodymyr) to talk to Zelensky, late Monday night on Rossiya-1 state TV. “60 minutes,” Morozov said on the talk show.

“But he can’t go there. And he’ll wake up somewhere in Moscow,” Morozov said.

“You mean we kidnap them?” TV host Olga Skabeva, one of the pro-Kremlin journalists on television, asked with a smile.

“Yes. And then we will choose who gave the order for what, who is responsible for exactly what,” Morozov said. “It’s not a mythical picture … the world has new rules now. Think about what it would be like for all the war ministers gathered in Kiev to wake up in Moscow.”

Neither Morozov nor Skabeva could be reached for comment.

Western politicians have visited Kyiv to show solidarity with the legacy of Ukraine – including US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who traveled there in April with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

President Vladimir Putin has called the 97-day-old war a “special military operation” to disarm Ukraine and stop what he sees as the persecution of Russian-speakers by Ukraine’s ultra-nationalists. He also accused the United States of using Ukraine to threaten Russia with NATO expansion.

Ukraine and its Western backers say Russia is waging an unpleasant war against a sovereign state that is fighting for its existence.

Russia has repeatedly warned the West that advanced arms supplies to Ukraine could escalate the war. Ukraine has called on the West to send more long-range weapons.

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