Mexican teacher engages student in life-size condom for sex-education lesson

Mexican teacher engages student in life-size condom for sex-education lesson

Classroom giggles and resonates with laughter (representative)

New Delhi:

Although sex education classes for teenagers are almost always a laugh-out-loud, it was a laughing stock for the students of a Mexican school when a teacher demonstrated an innovative and fun technique of wearing a condom during such a class.

The children burst out laughing when their teacher wrapped a human-sized cloth around a willing student and showed them exactly how to do it. The incident caught the attention of social media after a video of the class went on social media platforms.

The video shows a volunteer wrapping a huge piece of fabric around the neck and body of a volunteer student to show how the contraceptive device can be easily used.

The classroom echoes with giggles and laughter as the teacher says, “You know, the shape of the penis will be different.” “There are those who lean backwards, others lean forward, and there are those who lean to one side,” the teacher explained.

Once the student was fully clothed, the classroom roared with laughter at the teacher’s final remarks.

“Finally, what you see is a grade four erection!” In the video, the teacher can be heard saying.

The teacher also thanked the volunteer for her participation, to which she responded: “Thank you so much for such a good explanation, the truth is very entertaining and understandable.”

The video has garnered millions of views, and viewers have appreciated the creative way to impart knowledge on such a sensitive subject.

One comment read, “Honestly, this is the way to do it. These kids will never forget it because it was a fun experience for them.”

“It’s funny, but I bet everything was very clear to them! Better a speech where everything is very serious and formal,” said another social media user.

This fun but responsible style of sex education shouts ‘You do it this way!’

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