Man Bungee jumps from 198 feet and dips Donat in a cup of coffee, immersed in the Internet

Viral video: Man Bungee jumps from 198 feet and drowns donut in coffee cup, internet shocked

A male bungee jumps from 198 feet and dips a donut into a cup of coffee

Every day people make dangerous and daring efforts to set new world records. Continuing the tradition, one man tried to set a new world record for the highest bungee jump (198 feet) by dipping a donut in a cup of coffee. The video of Ron Jones’ heroic endeavor was posted by Guinness World Records (GWR) on its Instagram handle.

The caption for the video states that Ron Jones is the highest donut (bungee jumping) donut in the US at 60.553 m (198 ft 8 in).

The video begins with Mr. Jones getting ready for a bungee jump from a suspended platform. Before you can blink your eyes, he takes a donut dipping in his hand. Mr Jones is seen reaching for a cup of coffee on the table 198 feet below, where he dipped his donut.

The video was posted 10 hours ago and has since garnered over 6.25 million views and over 56,000 likes.

People are shocked by Mr. Jones’s courage. “He’s taken Dunkin ‘Donuts to a whole new level,” said one user.

Another user said, “Imagine how confidently this guy throws his donuts into normal life.”

“May 3rd post this for National Donut Day,” wrote a third user

Commenting on the post, GWR said, “In 2013, on the US TV show Guinness World Records Unleashed, a donut was dipped into a coffee cup with a diameter of only 8.89 cm (3.5 inches). The current record for the highest bungee jump is 73.41 meters (240 feet 10 inches) by Simon Berry (UK) who dipped a biscuit in a cup of tea in 2016. “

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