Johnny Depp was spotted in a UK pub just minutes before he won a defamation suit

See: Johnny Depp was spotted in the UK pub just minutes before he won the defamation suit against Amber Hard.

Mr. Depp was seen 20 minutes before the verdict was announced. (File)

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp was spotted drinking in a pub in Newcastle, UK, shortly before the announcement of his victory in a defamation suit against his ex-wife Amber Hard.

About 20 minutes before the verdict was announced, Twitter user Gary Spading tweeted, “I met Johnny Depp at Bridge Tavern Newcastle at the moment … which was very unrealistic.”

In another social media video, Mr. Depp was seen leaving the pub shortly before the verdict.

According to Independent, Mr Depp saw the United Kingdom verdict because he could not physically appear in US court because of a pre-determined work promise. Notably, Mr. Depp has attended several concerts during Sheffield and Jeff Beck’s visits to London.

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Amber Hard, on the other hand, has reached out to the Virginia court in person to hear the verdict. After just 13 hours of deliberations on Wednesday, the judges reached a verdict in Mr. Depp’s multi-million dollar case.

The Caribbean pirates The actor was awarded 15 million while Miss Hard, despite losing her case, was awarded 2 million by the jury. Mr Depp won all three of his defamation cases when the jury proved his claim that his ex-wife had tarnished his reputation and damaged his career when he wrote about being a “public figure representing domestic violence” after the couple’s divorce.

Following the verdict, Mr Depp said the jury had “given me back my life”. “The goal of the lawsuit was to find out the truth, regardless of the outcome,” he said.

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Amber Hard said she was “disappointed” by the ruling. She said she was “heartbroken” by the results, adding that the ruling “pushed back” the notion that violence against women should be taken seriously.

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