Johnny Depp smiles as Amber Hard’s lawyer mimics his voice

Johnny Depp smiles as Amber Hard's lawyer mimics his voice

Johnny Depp in court during the defamation trial.

Johnny Depp was seen smiling inside the courtroom where the actor and his ex-wife Amber Hard were hearing a defamation suit filed against each other. The moment came when Mrs. Hard’s lawyer made an impression on Mr. Depp’s voice.

The attorney, Ellen Bradhoft, was asking Miss Hard a question about a tape when her ex-husband spoke when he copied Mr. Depp. Freedom. The actor then burst out laughing and the clip went viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

This is the fifth week of the defamation trial, originally written by Mr. Depp’s 2018 op-ed Miss Hard. The Washington Post About the domestic abuse he faced. While not naming Aquaman star Mr. Depp, the actor said the part was “disastrous” for his career.

The case is set to end on May 27 and the Ms hearing is currently being questioned.

Miss Hard claims that Warner Bros. Studios “removed a bunch” from her role in the upcoming “Aquaman” sequel after her divorce from Mr. Depp.

According to Variety, he said, Warner Bros., behind the banner.Aquaman ‘ The franchise, “Didn’t want to include me” in the film.

On Monday, Mrs Hard told the court she had filed for divorce from “monster” Johnny Depp in May 2016 because she feared for her life.

“I had to leave her. I knew I wouldn’t live without her. I was so scared it was going to end really badly for me,” he said.

During his four days at the witness stand, Depp, 58, denied hitting Miss Hard and claimed that he was the one who was most often violent.

Last year, Mr. Depp said Sunday Times He was boycotted by the film industry for allegedly abusing his ex-wife because his latest film “Minamata” has not yet been released in the United States. “Minamata”, on which Mr. Depp also worked as a producer, was finally released in the United States in February 2022 by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

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