In celebration of the Queen’s birthday, a giant moving Bollywood cake

In celebration of the Queen's birthday, a giant moving Bollywood cake

The main event in the surrounding villages and towns in the UK will be a beautiful long luncheon.

The United Kingdom is preparing a special tribute to the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. This weekend, millions of people in towns, cities and villages are preparing cucumber and coronation chicken sandwiches, model Korgis weaving and bunting and the feast of raising the Union Jack flag. Labor Party leader Kier Sturmer said the anniversary was “an opportunity for the country to lose its hair in a few years.”

How did this tradition even begin? Here is a guide to the jubilee celebration and all its competitions.

What is Platinum Jubilee and when is it happening?

The Platinum Jubilee is a year of celebration in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries to mark the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne on February 6, 1952, ending a four-day bank holiday weekend. From Thursday, June 2 to Sunday, the British government will host a series of events and installations that will “combine traditional paganism with state-of-the-art technology displays” that will be reflected in villages, towns and cities across the country.

What’s happening on Platinum Jubilee?

The festivities began with a parade of thousands of soldiers visiting the Horse Guard Parade in a London mall. A RAF flypast of 70 aircraft includes the Red Arrow Display Team and the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, which includes Spitfire, Hurricane and other historic aircraft. In the evening, starting from Tonga and Samoa in the South Pacific and ending in Belize in the Caribbean, thousands of brightly lit lights will be lit in the UK and around the world. There will be a reception at the Guildhall in London, the Epsom Derby will feature a photo lineup of 40 jockeys who have climbed for the Queen and thousands of “Jubilee Lunches” across the country.

What is the cutting edge technical display?

Some of the exhibits include a steel “Tree of Trees” sculpture designed by Thomas Heatherwick outside Buckingham Palace, and a 15 million euro ($ 19 million) “People’s Pageant” carnival and a Sunday finale featuring a 3D wire bust of the Queen. , A maple dancer, a giant moving wedding cake that plays Bollywood hits, dragons and beasts, and a 20-foot-tall doll of the queen as princess, surrounded by corgi dolls. Ed Sheeran will play People’s Pageant Out.

Okay, so those are official jubilee events. What around the UK?

The main event in the surrounding villages and towns in the UK will be a beautiful long luncheon. Local councils have received 85,000 applications to host the Big Jubilee Lunch, some on closed highways. The historic 3-mile long walk will reflect a luncheon set on a long table outside Windsor Castle. Elsewhere, you’ll find lots of knitting, cocktails and cakes.

Homes Chapel Yard Bombers Group in Cheshire has created life-size models woven by the Queen and her Corgis. Throughout his life Stonehenge projected eight pictures of the queen on stone, which made some wonder why. On the Bromsgrove High Street Platinum Jubilee Committee, they chose to create their own life-shaped model of the Queen from balloons, their party featuring red, white and blue candy floss, royal sausage (extra high spice content) and punk music. A backing track, because even former sex pistol frontman John Leiden says he’s “proud of the Queen.”

What are the burning beacons of the Commonwealth?

The burning lights from Tonga to Belize support the Queen’s role as head of the Commonwealth, the relaxed and uncomfortable membership of the 54 former territories of the British Empire. On the first Diamond Jubilee in 1897, Queen Victoria included the title “Empress of India” to denote her rule in British India, and the event was marked by a celebration of the British Empire which included 11 colonial prime ministers. Beacons are symbolic, soft-spoken, stylish-and-ceremonial versions of the former direct rule over the now-independent territories of the monarchy.

What is color trooping?

The British military has been celebrating the king’s “official birthday” for the last 260 years, usually marching soldiers, horses and musicians on the second Saturday in June, followed by a ceremony centered on the regiment’s military colors or flags. This year there will be a parade of 1,500 officers and soldiers and 350 horses from the Household Division, the color of the 1st Battalion, equipped by the Irish Guards. Soldiers from Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and the Commonwealth of the Caribbean will join the parade.


The Colonel’s review is the final assessment of Trooping the Color Parade.

Wait, the queen has two birthdays?

Yes, the UK and Commonwealth countries choose a day of official celebration to have a better chance of good weather for the parade. The Queen’s “real” birthday is April 21, which she usually identifies personally with her family and salutes 124 guns in London and Windsor.

Will it be television?

Yes, BBC One will host television coverage of the Platinum Jubilee Weekend. Sir John Reith, the BBC’s first director general, was a fan of the monarchy and advocated the creation of an “audible pageant” that became a permanent fixture on BBC radio after his marriage to the Duke of York in 1923. Microphones were placed around the event so that the audience could see. Listen to the bells ringing, the crowds cheering, the cars crashing and the horses stopping under the mall. This weekend the whole event will be broadcast on BBC One in Full HD.

Will Prince Harry and Megan Merkel be present?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be in the UK for the Platinum Jubilee Weekend, but they will not be on the porch for the RAF Flypast, or any other non-functioning Royals, including the Duke of York.

Has the UK always celebrated the Queen’s reign?

Historian Sir David describes the Canadian royal contest as an “invented tradition” that the British government strategically created to allow the royal family to “do something new” after the monarchy lost its rigid powers and prevented legislation and the removal of prime ministers. . Sociologist and author Bia Campbell says “new justifications were needed for their continued existence.”

Why a gold car?

It’s part of the magic. Canada says all successful royal competitions must “include the anaerobic mode of transport or clothing to improve its mystery or magic.” After all, how many people do you know who own a great, gold-decorated horse-drawn carriage? The Golden Grand State Carriage was introduced by King George III in 1760, and has been used since 1762 during each king’s coronation. Even at that time it was priced at 7,562 v or about 1.6 million euros ($ 2 million) in 2022.

Who is making the most money?

It’s hard to say for sure, but souvenir pot makers are probably at the top of the list. The coronation of George VI and Elizabeth in 1937 produced such a huge output of royal commemorative pottery that the government imposed a 100% import duty on foreign, imported souvenirs to keep the country profitable. As Canadaine writes, “New, consumer-oriented companies such as Rowntree, Cadbury and Axo have used royal events to help promote their advertising.” The same is certainly true for the 2022 Platinum Jubilee, this week 48,000 euros hotel room and tea for Korgis.

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