How Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez became an overnight celebrity

How Johnny Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez became an overnight celebrity

Johnny Depp filed a 50 50 million defamation suit against Amber Hard. (File)


Camille Vasquez, an attorney for Johnny Depp’s legal team, appears to have become a favorite on the Internet.

During the trial, while trying to protect his client, the young California lawyer was inadvertently able to turn the limelight on himself and became the latest sensation on the Internet for his legal skills and brilliance in court.

According to e! Shortly after the verdict was announced, Mr Depp’s lawyers spoke out of court.

He said: “Today’s judgment confirms that what we have said from the outset is that the allegations against Johnny Depp are defamatory and unsubstantiated by any evidence … And sacrificed resources. “


Camille Vasquez addresses the media outside the Fairfax County Circuit Courthouse in Virginia on June 1.

During the trial, Vasquez fearlessly questioned Miss Hard and was among the highlights when he asked the ‘Aquaman’ actor if he had donated the promised 7 7 million divorce settlement to the charity.

After trying to avoid a direct answer that Mrs. Hard had promised money to various charities, Mrs. Vasquez famously misrepresented “Miss Hard, with respect, this is not my question.”

Although her efforts have put Miss Hard in a difficult position, the Internet cannot help but overwhelm Mrs. Vasquez. One user shared on Twitter, “I have to say, if I ever get in trouble, I want Camille Vasquez as my lawyer. She’s a boss.

Another wrote, “Camille Vasquez ate Amber Hard alive and couldn’t even breathe. CV you rock. # Camille Vasquez.”

A third tweeted, “Everyone else agrees that Camille Vasquez should receive her own financial reward from this trial for being an absolute queen throughout.”

“#CamilleVasquez is very strong and you can feel how much she cares and believes in Johnny and fights for him,” another user tweeted.

Earlier, in May, Vasquez was rumored to be dating Mr. Depp, but according to Mashable India, he responded by ignoring the rumors.

The US Weekly reports that Vasquez is an associate of Brown Rudnik in the case, which the firm hired to oversee his legal defense in the defamation suit against Mr Depp.

Mr. Depp filed a 50 50 million defamation suit against Amber Hard, claiming he wrote a 2018 article for the Washington Post that damaged his career. In the article, Mrs. Hard spoke of surviving a domestic abuse but did not name Mr. Depp.

In 2020, Mrs Hard filed a মামলা 100 million counter-lawsuit against her ex-husband, alleging that Mr Depp had “illegally targeted” her in an “ongoing harassment and online smear campaign” after she was granted a temporary restraining order.

On Wednesday, June 2, the jury awarded Johnny Depp 15 15 million in damages.

Ms Hard also won part of her defamation suit against Mr Depp for an article in a privately owned newspaper, where Mr Depp’s former lawyer described her domestic abuse claims as a hoax. The jury awarded him 2 million in damages.

Mr. Depp and Miss Hard married in 2015. However, the marriage was short-lived. They split in May 2016 and accused the hard actor of sexual harassment. Mr Depp denied the claims, and they settled their divorce in August 2016.

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