Heavy rains have killed at least 57 people in northeastern Brazil

An additional 56 people are missing and at least 25 are injured, Brazil’s Regional Development Minister Daniel Ferreira said on Sunday.

Ferreira added that more than 3,900 people had lost their homes due to the devastating rains.

Landslides in the greater Recife area have caused some deaths, Parnambuko Civil Defense said, urging residents living in high-risk areas to seek refuge elsewhere.

In the town of Recife itself, schools have been opened to provide shelter to displaced families.

Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro has said that the Brazilian military will assist the victims and he will personally travel to Recife on Monday to assess the situation.

“Our government, from the very first moment, has provided all possible means to help the victims, including the armed forces,” he tweeted on Sunday.

A man has died in Brazilian police custody after being trapped in an unidentified gas-filled car

Officials say northeastern Brazil is suffering from exceptionally high rainfall. Some areas have received more rain in the last 24 hours than the total amount of May.

Heavy rains have repeatedly hit Brazil in recent months. In December, rains caused two dams to burst in the nearby state of Bahia, killing dozens of people and flooding the entire road.

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