Guinea: One killed in the first major protest under the junta

According to a Reuters reporter and eyewitnesses, people barricaded the streets and set fire to tires in protest of the 20% increase in petrol prices, sparking an overnight gun battle in Conakry.

“The agitated youths went out to protest and clash with the security forces,” said Solomon Bah, a resident of Koloma neighborhood in the city. “We heard several gunshots. There were tear shells as well.”

According to the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC), a protester was shot dead by security forces, a coalition of politicians and activists opposed to former President Alpha Cond’s attempt to retain power.

A family member of the deceased, who did not want to be named, confirmed that he had been killed in protest.

Security Minister Bachir Diallo has promised an investigation. “I strongly condemn the killings,” he told reporters.

Guinean coup leader Mamadi Dumbuia has been sworn in as interim president
Wednesday’s protest was the largest since Colonel Mamadi led a coup against Dumbuia Kond last September. Condে changed the constitution to allow himself to run for a third term in 2020, sparking widespread outrage.

Many of Kond’s opponents, including the FNDC leader, cautiously welcomed the coup, but relations with the Dumbar junta have deteriorated ever since.

Last month, the main opposition parties rejected a 36-month change in the democratic elections approved by the interim parliament. Protests erupted on Wednesday in the vicinity of what is known as the opposition’s support base.

In a statement, the FNDC said the security forces’ response was “contradictory to what Colonel Dumbar had said when he took office, which led to the killings during the protests.”

Following criticism of the 36-month timeline, the junta reprimanded the UN last month, banning all public protests.

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