For Sheryl Sandberg, sitting next to Mark Zuckerberg is an honor

For Sheryl Sandberg, sitting next to Mark Zuckerberg has been an ‘honor’

Sheryl Sandberg thanks founder Mark Zuckerberg and his other colleagues.

Sheryl Sandberg has announced that she is stepping down as chief operating officer of Metar, the parent company of Facebook, to “write the next chapter of my life.” In a long note shared on Instagram, Mrs. Sandberg, 52, recalls her entire journey in social life, thanks to network founder Mark Zuckerberg and her other colleagues.

When Mrs. Sandberg joined the company, known as Facebook, she expected to be there for only five years, but she ran for 14 long years. And now, says Miss Sandberg, “it’s time to write the next chapter of my life.” He said the philanthropist and his foundation would pay more attention to Lean In.

In her note, Ms. Sandberg also talks about the “controversy” surrounding social media in recent years. He said it had changed “beyond recognition” from day one. “It’s always a small thing to say it was easy. But it should be difficult. The products we make have a huge impact, so we have a responsibility to make them in a way that protects privacy and keeps people safe,” he said.

Mrs. Sandberg devoted a large part of her letter to praising Mr. Zuckerberg, whom she met on occasion at a holiday party and spent the night at the door talking about Facebook. After “countless meetings,” Mark Zuckerberg offered Mrs. Sandberg a job at the company. “It was chaotic at first,” he said. “I will schedule a meeting with an engineer at nine o’clock at night that they will not show up. They assumed I wanted to say 9pm because who would come to work at 9am?

Ms Sandberg added that when she was considering joining Facebook, her late husband, Dave Goldberg, advised her to “jump in” to resolve every issue with Mark Zuckerberg and instead “set the right process with him”.

“Sitting next to Mark has been a lifelong honor and privilege,” he added.

He praised his “significant colleagues” for doing something that reminded him of how lucky he was to work with them. “It’s because of this team – past and present – that more than 3 billion people use our products to communicate and share their experiences,” he said.

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