Events planned to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s birthday: 8 points

Events planned to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's birthday: 8 points

Queen Elizabeth’s Anniversary Celebrations: More than 2,800 lights will be lit across the UK on Thursday. (File)

The platinum jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II will be on a truly royal scale, attended by millions of British participants and will culminate in a TV show expected by one billion people worldwide.

Here’s a rounddown of festivities to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign:

  1. About 1,500 soldiers, 400 army musicians and 250 horses will take part in the traditional “Trooping the Color” parade on Thursday, returning after a two-year hiatus due to the Kovid epidemic. About 200 Coldstream Guards troops will line up at The Mall, which will run from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace in central London.

  2. On Thursday afternoon (1100 GMT), a 42-gun salute will be thrown across the country to mark the Queen’s “official birthday” on June 11. Selected Royal Navy ships at sea with Gibraltar’s Grand Battery will also fire their guns. Outside of Spain. An hour later, the Tower of London is no less than 124 rounds.

  3. The parade was completed by a six-minute flypast over Buckingham Palace with more than 60 aircraft from each branch of the armed forces. It includes a collection of iconic World War II planes, including the Red Arrows, the Royal Air Force’s aerobatic team and three Spitfire fighters and a Lancaster bomber. There will be a lower number at previous festivals: members of the royal family watching from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Attendances are limited to the “working royal family”, which means no Prince Harry and Prince Andrew, the second son of the humiliated Queen Harry and his wife Meghan.

  4. More than 2,800 beacons will be lit across the UK on Thursday night, including the four highest peaks in the country, as well as the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the British Overseas Territory. Burning tributes will be seen in 54 Commonwealth capitals on five continents, from Tonga in the South Pacific and Samoa to Belize in the Caribbean. Even as France joins, the buildings facing England will be illuminated. London bridges and landmarks, including cathedrals across England, will also be illuminated.

  5. A national Thanksgiving service is being held at St Paul’s Cathedral in London on Friday, featuring the rare ringing of the Great Paul bell. At a whopping 16.5 tons, it is the largest bell in Britain. The process broke down in the 1970s, but it was restored to its former glory last year.

  6. On Saturday, the BBC concert at Buckingham Palace will be attended by around 22,000 guests, including 5,000 “essential staff” such as doctors and emergency services staff. The 2.5-hour musical extravaganza will feature performances by Queen + Adam Lambert, Diana Ross, Alicia Kiss, Nile Rogers and Italian tenor Andrea Boseli.

  7. As of Sunday, more than 70,000 people have registered to host the “Big Jubilee Lunch”, with 10 million expected to share food and friendships with their neighbors, according to the UK government. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are expected to take part in one at The Oval Cricket Ground in London, where a six-meter (approximately 20-foot) felt work of art will be on display featuring the design of “Platinum Pudding”. The winning pudding at the event – a lemon Swiss roll topped by an Amrati trifle – was chosen from around 5,000 entries by amateur bakers. The recipe contains 13 eggs, takes “more than two hours” to prepare and 20 are served.

  8. The celebration ends on Sunday with a public parade through the “Platinum Jubilee Pageant” – Central London. About 10,000 people are involved in a musical and creative demonstration of how British society has changed since the Queen began her rule in a very different country in 1952. Then, Rajyabhishek made a serious splash in the sale of television sets. Today, one billion viewers around the world are expected to tune in to watching Sunday, singing “God Save the Queen” with Ed Sheeran.

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