Elon Musk’s office ultimatum to Tesla employees receives cold response in Germany

Elon Musk's office ultimatum to Tesla employees receives cold response in Germany

Elon Musk claimed that Tesla workers either went back to the office or left.


Elon Musk claims that Tesla workers stopped “calling it” and made a brief move from Germany’s largest trade union on Thursday to return to office.

Tesla’s chief executive has leaned into the future of the work debate, telling electric car makers that they must return to the office at least 40 hours a week or leave the company, according to an email seen by Reuters.

The IG Metal Union of Berlin-Brandenburg-Sachsen, where the Tesler plant is located, said it would support any employee who would oppose Musk’s ultimatum. Tesla employs about 4,000 people in Germany and plans to expand its workforce to 12,000

“Anyone who disagrees with such unilateral demands and wants to oppose them, according to the law, has the power of unions behind them in Germany,” said Birgit Ditz, IG Metal’s district leader in Berlin-Brandenburg-Sachsen.

Employees at the Tesler plant in Gruenheid, Germany, elected 19 people to its first staff council in February, setting the plant apart from others operated by carmakers in the United States and elsewhere without union representation, which Musk vehemently opposed.

Some workers are part of IG Metal which represents workers across automotive companies and other industrial sectors.

Germany currently has no right to work from home, but the Ministry of Labor is working on a policy that will increase the flexibility for workers. Many large employers, including automakers, have already adopted hybrid work models in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic that has forced companies to send workers home for work.

“We have fundamentally different perspectives on creating attractive working environments, and we stand for empowerment and personal responsibility in our team to balance the balance between mobile and personal work,” said Gunnar Killian, Volkswagen board member responsible for human resources.

When asked about the ultimatums of luxury car makers BMW and Mercedes-Benz Mask, that view was echoed.

A spokesman for Mercedes-Benz said: “The hybrid work is a viable model for the future.

Musk, who has helped move the traditional automotive sector toward an all-electric future and made himself the richest man in the world in the process, was blunt for companies that do not require employees to return to office full-time.

“Of course there are companies that don’t need it, but when was the last time they launched a great new product? It’s been a while,” Musk wrote in an email.

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