Elon Musk shared a Twitter-related snarky cartoon, trying to decipher the Internet

Elon Musk shared a Twitter-related snarky cartoon, trying to make sense of the internet

Elon Musk has condemned the artist for sharing the film without credit.

In the midst of the Twitter takeover drama, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shared a catchy cartoon of himself as a blue bird rescuer – the official mascot of Twitter.

On social media on Saturday, Mr Musk shared a cartoon of himself, without a word, revealing a bird in the shape of a classic blue Twitter logo from a cage. According to the Daily Star, the cartoon was created in April by Chinese artist Devil Paper.

Mr. Musk’s post has persuaded several Internet users to come up with various comments, trying to understand the meaning behind the picture. Dogecoin co-creator Billy Marcus’s pseudonym Shibetoshi Nakamoto responded to the post. “Despite all my anger, I’m still a bird in a cage,” he said Wrote.

“Does that mean you will recover the suspended account ??? OK ??” Ask Other. “It can be understood in two ways, Elon Musk said goodbye to the idea of ​​being the founder of Twitter or Elon Musk gave freedom to Twitter without censorship and restrictions – so what?” Post a Third.

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Some social media users have denounced the Tesla CEO for sharing the image and removing credit and signatures from its creator. “Please give him credit – it’s not good to remove his signature,” said one user Says. Another urged Mr Musk to “please use the signed work”.

Meanwhile, it may be mentioned that Elon Musk’s recent tweet has raised a lot of other questions about his Twitter takeover. Mr Musk had recently accepted a 44 billion offer for the site, but the deal was shelved last week after the microblogging site leaked information about fake accounts.

It was revealed that less than 5% of users of social media sites are created with spam or fake accounts. Mr Musk then tweeted that the Twitter deal “temporarily withheld details support pending accounts that spam / fake accounts actually represent less than 5% of users.” The company lost about 11% of its value due to this confession.

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That wasn’t the last twist of the story just two days ago Reuters A Twitter investor has filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk and social media platforms for managing Billionaire’s $ 44 billion bid for the company. The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Musk violated California corporate laws in various ways. It further claims that a number of tweets posted by Mr Musk were “misleading” and that Twitter formed an attempt to manipulate the stock market.

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