Dramatic video shows bystanders picking up cars to rescue a motorcyclist after an accident

Dramatic video shows bystanders picking up cars to rescue a motorcyclist after an accident

Pedestrians handed over the car to the motorcyclist.

A gruesome video shared by a U.S. police department shows a motorcyclist being hit by a car at the moment, and eyewitnesses running to help are trapped underneath. Dramatic CCTV footage shared by the Myrtle Beach Police Department in South Carolina shows a group of men working together to lift a motorcycle and two riders.

As the two-wheeler approached a turn, a sedan pulled behind it but did not slow down. Instead, the car fender was seen grabbing the rear tire of the bike, driving the car over the rear fender of the bike, and pushing the rear passenger up and over the rider of the motorcycle.

The bike fell under the weight of the car, crushing the driver. Crowds of people came to see this incident. In the dramatic video, a man is seen bending down to look under a car.

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Seconds later, a group of men, including a police officer, lined up on one side of a four-wheeled vehicle and began to pick up the stranded man. Some pedestrians even reached the bottom of the vehicle to pull the bike out.

In the caption of the post, the police department thanked the officers and pedestrians who helped remove the motorcyclist. They further said that the motorcyclist and the passenger have been treated at a nearby hospital for non-life-threatening.

Citing local media, Newsweek The driver of the car, identified as 25-year-old Johnny Taylor, was arrested and charged with possession of an open container of beer or wine and following very closely, the report said.

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Earlier this week, another video went viral when it was seen in a head-on collision between two cars at a turn. Without hesitation, a speeding SUV passed by the light before hitting the car which was trying to take a left-handed turn. The car caught fire as a result of the collision. Pieces of shattered glass and car parts were also found scattered at the corners.

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