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Global Day of Parents 2022: How to Celebrate the Day

Global Day of Parents is celebrated on June 1 every year to honor parents. (Representative)

Global Day of Parents is celebrated on June 1 every year to honor parents. It is an occasion to thank parents around the world for their selfless dedication to their children and for their countless sacrifices to nurture bonds with their children.

It is for children to strengthen their bond with their parents and show that they are there to take care of them. The goal of Global Parents’ Day is to raise awareness about the importance of quality parenting and family life in the upbringing of every child.


World Parents’ Day is celebrated on June 1 every year.


The theme for Global Day of Parents, 2022 is ‘Praise All Parents Around the World’.


As a family anchor, one of the building blocks of our society, parents have a huge responsibility to ensure the overall well-being of all members and to protect them from any kind of harm. Not only do they ensure the best possible economic and social security for their children as they grow up, but they also play an important role in developing them as good people. They ensure that children’s health, education and mental health are taken care of.


Whenever we encounter a problem, the first thing we usually want is an assurance from our family that they are watching our backs, and that they will warn us before we read. Since the 1980s, the international community has increasingly understood this role. In order to emphasize the important role of families and parents in the upbringing of children, the UN General Assembly designated 2012 as World Parents’ Day.

According to the United Nations, the day provides an opportunity to commend all parents for their “selfless commitment to their children and their lifelong sacrifice to nurture this relationship.” It says that children grow up in a family environment, which is surrounded by happiness, love and understanding.

Here’s how you can celebrate the day

Parents deserve all the praise and recognition for their years of hard work in raising their children. Letting your parents or guardians know how grateful you are for their love and commitment can be an easy way to remember your parents’ global call.

Buy a gift for your loved ones, treat them to lunch or dinner or plan a picnic for them.

The purpose is to express gratitude to your parents or guardians. You can even host a family get-together where you invite your friends’ parents and have a good time.

Use the hashtag #GlobalDayofParents on social media to acknowledge or thank your parents for their contributions to your life.

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