Autophagic syndrome left Chicago’s Joseph Williams without a jaw, he denied

Autophagic Syndrome leaves Joseph Williams of Chicago without a jaw, he refuses to give up

Joseph Williams uses sign language and takes food through a tube.

A man who was born without a jaw and has suffered all his life says that love saved his life after decades of feeling “meaningless”. Forty-one-year-old Joseph Williams is quoted from Chicago Others who are struggling with the same challenges deserve more in life.

“Dating was hard for me because I had so little self-esteem and I felt worthless, but when I started believing in myself and realized I deserved more, I found my wife,” he told the publication.

Mr. Williams was born with a rare congenital disorder called autophagic syndrome. It is caused by a mutated gene and leaves him unable to speak or eat by mouth.

Due to the condition, Mr. Williams used sign language and took food through a tube.

“I can’t eat, talk or even breathe properly,” he said. “I have a tube in my stomach that I can put mixed food in, but that means I’ve never tasted food.”

But these problems did not deter Mr. Williams from living his life.

“I understand that I am different and some people will find me ugly and will not accept me, but I am still a person who has a heart, a feeling and a brain,” said the 41-year-old who works as a welder. Should be done, just as anyone else should be, “he added.

One report said New York PostWhen he was growing up, Mr. Williams was constantly told about things he couldn’t do. “But I don’t want my condition to hold me back and I don’t want to be limited.”

Mr. Williams underwent several surgeries in Chicago because doctors tried to make a jaw but he said his body refused it.

But now, Mr. Williams spends most of his life with his wife Vania and dreams of becoming a DJ one day, according to the post.

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