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'Raising a South African boy' drove Elon Musk's ambition, Dad said

Young Elon Musk has announced that he plans to become a millionaire, his father Errol Musk has said. (File)

Langeban, South Africa:

Elon Musk knows how to dominate a news cycle, but for all the coverage of the world’s richest man, the early life of a technology billionaire remains in the racist era of South Africa.

In Elon Musk’s roller-coaster pursuit on Twitter, his father, Errol Musk, told AFP in an interview that he tried to raise his sons “like South African boys”, instilling in them the same discipline he had learned in the military.

“I was a strict father. I was talking about the law. They learned from me,” said the 76-year-old.

He said that even as a pre-schooler, Elon had driven his ambitions and credited his upbringing with that Uber-macho “South African boy” to his vision of becoming a living rich man.

“It’s part of our way of life, the way I live,” he told AFP in an interview from his home in the coastal town of Langeban, 120 kilometers (60 miles) from Cape Town.

“I tried to be the best at the kind of business I was in,” said the retired engineer and property developer.

“It’s like our make-up. So we expect it.”

Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria to Errol and May, a Canadian model and dietitian who grew up in South Africa. He was the eldest of three children, his brother Kimble and sister Tosca.

He left South Africa at the height of racism to avoid unpopular military drafts.

After her parents’ severe divorce, Elon decided to stay with her father – leaving the train alone overnight when he left.

“I went to the Johannesburg station and there was this little Elon, bright-faced, nine-year-old, who got on the train alone,” her father recalled. Yet Elon has said on many occasions that he had an unhappy childhood.

As an adult, the father and son suffered a major setback when Errol gave birth to a child in 2017 with an honest daughter, his four-decade junior.

“Elon thought it wasn’t very good. From my point of view, I accept life as it comes,” said Big Mask. But he says their relationship has improved.

“We take care of each other,” Errol said.

– ‘Usually Elon’ –

Errol says her son has always been unusual – long before his controversial outburst on Twitter.

As a child, Elon would talk without a filter, play jokes and often join adult conversations, he recalls.

“Even under the age of four, he shows a tendency to sit with adults,” Errol said.

He recounted an incident when “a man said to him, ‘Hey little boy, why aren’t you running with the kids?’ And he’ll say, ‘No, I’d love to hear from you.’

When young Elon announces that he plans to become a millionaire, he remembers his father mocking another adult boy. He remembers “this guy was smiling, holding his drink and cigarette and saying, ‘You’ll see when you grow up. It’s not like that … you’ll be disappointed’.”

Elon replied, “Well, I think you’re a fool.”

“It’s usually Elon,” Dad said.

He also recalled a time when Elon made a shocking remark to a schoolmate about his father’s suicide. The boy pushes Elon down a school stairway, injuring her so badly that she has to be hospitalized. When she heard what had happened, Errol wanted to save her son.

“But I realized that Elon had crossed the line with this little boy. I had to drop it,” he said. After that incident, Errol took Allen to the prestigious Pretoria Boys High School.

A former headmaster at the school confirmed to AFP that Elon had donated a million rand ($ 64,500, 60,000 euros) to his mother Alma.

– ‘Very careful’ –

Grants are arranged through Kasturi’s assistant. This is how his father communicates with him.

During an interview with AFP, Errol said he received an email from Elon paying for recent eye surgery.

“Elon is a very caring person. When he says he wants to save humanity, he really means it. It’s not a slogan or a pitch of any kind. It’s real.”

Errol commemorates his 70th birthday as another example of Elon’s generosity.

“I’m a South African man. I’m not worried about my birthday. But it was beautiful,” said Errol.

Unknown to her, Elon invited a bunch of her celebrity friends, including a Hollywood star. At lunch, they discussed his support for former US President Donald Trump.

“They were all very happy to smile, and how could I be so stupid as to support Trump?”

This was her last physical encounter with her son six years ago. They rarely talk on the phone – what they say is not unusual.

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