5 famous rappers who were shot dead

From Tupak Shakur to Sidhu Muzwala: 5 Famous Rappers Who Were Shot Dead

Sidhu Musa Wala Murder: Last year, at least 20 rappers were shot dead.

Gun violence among rappers is nothing new. The latest shooting of Punjabi rapper-turned-politician Sidhu Muz Walla is just a testament to the fact that the hip-hop community has a long history where artists have been killed in broad daylight.

The first hip-hop artist to be assassinated is thought to be Scott La Rock in 1987, a founding member of the East Coast hip-hop group Boogie Down Productions. Last year, at least 20 rappers were shot dead. Some of them were internationally acclaimed artists.

Here is a list of some of the famous rappers who have been shot dead:

Sidhu Mus Wala

Musa Wala, 28, was shot dead in the village of Jawhar in Mansa district of Punjab on May 29, 2022. He was traveling in his jeep at the time of the incident. Goldie Brar, a Canadian-based gangster, has pleaded guilty to murder.

Tupak Shakur

Tupak Shakur was shot during an ambush at the age of 25 in 1996 when his car was at a red light. The rapper was shot four times. He later succumbed to his injuries.

Young Dolph

On November 17, 2021, at the age of 36, when Dolph was picking cookies for his mother from a bakery in Memphis, Tennessee, he would often visit whenever he was in his hometown. His autopsy revealed he had been shot 22 times.

The infamous BIG

The infamous BIG was shot dead in 1997. While in the red light of his car, a gunman opened fire on him. His autopsy, published 15 years after his death, shows that only the final shot was fatal.


XXXTentacion was shot and killed on June 18, 2018 near Deerfield Beach, Florida, at the age of 20, near a motorcycle dealership. The assailants fled the scene in an SUV after stealing a bag containing his money. Four of them were later arrested.

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